Hillel Levin’s reporting has appeared in the Nation, New York magazine, Monthly Detroit magazine, Metropolitan Detroit magazine and Chicago magazine. He was executive editor of Metropolitan Detroit and editor of Chicago magazine. In 1984 he wrote Grand Delusions: The Cosmic Career of John De Lorean (Viking). In 2004, he wrote When Corruption Was King (Carroll & Graf) with Robert Cooley about Cooley’s central role in the FBI investigation of mob influence on Chicago’s courts and political system. In 2007, for Playboy, he wrote, “Boosting the Big Tuna,” about the burglars who broke into the home of Tony Accordo, the long-time leader of Chicago’s mob, which is known as the Outfit. In 2010, he wrote, In With the Devil with James Keene, about Keene’s undercover mission to crack a serial killer in a federal psychiatric prison. In 2010, he also wrote, “How the Outfit Killed JFK,” which was the basis for ASSASSINATION THEATER. When Corruption Was King and In With the Devil are currently in development as motion pictures along with “Boosting the Big Tuna,” which will be known as Idol's Eye. It is scheduled to start filming in Chicago this fall with Robert De Niro, Robert Pattinson and Rachel Weisz.